Turning Point: Stalled Growth

An outmoded, inefficient operating model, based on “the way we’ve always done things” was hampering the growth of an historically strong company.ACTION PLAN

As part of the CEO’s advisory team, Brad Nixon wrote, directed and produced a series of video testimonials from executives and influencers across the global company. A primary challenge was to provide a clear definition of the proposed company realignment. Brad’s design team developed 3D graphic animations to demonstrate how the new organization would establish a vibrant new model for collaborating on large, global programs.  The team also coined a new tagline that focused attention on the drive for company wide unity and alignment.


The new operating model was well-received across the company. With a clearly-defined set of operating principles in place, the company achieved greater efficiency and was able to focus on driving new sales and growth with existing clients. At the same time, the “One Company” tagline has become a watchword for company’s employees around the world, and is an inherent part of their way of speaking about the work they do together.