Smooth Transition

Attracting and retaining top talent is always an important focus for successful companies.

Retaining and successfully integrating new people is especially critical when one company acquires another: those people assets are critical to assuring the success of the merger. On one of the more challenging and memorable transitions involving our team, a very large IT services firm was to provide technology support to a new client via an outsourcing contract. However, the employees at the acquired operation had the option of remaining with their original employer. The task was to secure the agreement of a critical mass of the employees to accept transfer.


As the leader of the transition communications team, Brad Nixon created a video designed to appeal to technical employees’ interest in joining a dynamic, global workforce packed with new challenges and opportunities. The video played in town hall meetings and was available on the transition website.


More than the requisite number of employees agreed to make the transition, assuring that the project could continue. Several years into the project, it continues to run smoothly. As an added bonus, the video was repurposed with minor revisions and widely used in recruiting new talent for the company.