Your Event: A World Unto Itself

Whether your event will have 30 attendees or thousands, just one thing matters: did you get your message across?

At Zennetics® we enjoy filling ballrooms full of sound, lights and brilliant projection screens, but what is most important is that we succeed in the way we help you realize your objectives. We can wow the audience with stunningly beautiful video and state of the art audio and lighting. Our production partners have designed, built and operated some of the most eye-popping displays in the business. Our real focus, though, is on understanding your objectives at a deep strategic level and expressing them in terms of what your audience will take away once the lights go out and everyone’s gone home.

Enormous halls or compact classrooms; sweeping views of a mammoth stage or a single pinpoint of light on one speaker: It’s all about the message.

For the large events we produce, there can be dozens of presentations involving video, 3D animations, live performances and complex sequences of audio and lighting cues. In the end, it’s all about communicating effectively, with flawless execution, start to finish.